Profiled Online Panel

Our opinion panel

We have a profiled Italian online panel, Opinione.netwith more than XNUMX panelists, well distributed throughout the national territory with respect to the distribution of the population. We have collected it mainly offline through invitations to the panel, made following CATI or CAMI surveys.

Geographic distribution of the panel

Each panelist on our panel has their own account that contains profiling questions regarding 16 general profiling categories. Each containing anonymous questions that allow you to build a general (anonymous) profile. This allows you to send survey invitations to people who are eligible to participate, reducing the number of false registrants in advance.

Panel distribution by gender and age with respect to the censis

We regularly asked respondents by telephone (CATI or CAMI) if they were interested in participating in other surveys and being part of our online panel. Many have told us yes and registered to our panel.

One of the problems of online panel surveys is in fact represented by the presence of so-called heavy internet users. These are people present with multiple identities in order to collect more incentives. It is estimated that the share of these fictitious identities amounts to about 50% of the participants in a panel recruited online. This leads to a number of problems related to errors due to responses not matching the profiles they are supposed to come from. 

We also manage numerous international panels.