What is Limetable?

Limetable is a open source software which allows you to view the answers given by the interviewees in an aggregate form. This allows the client to monitor the progress of the survey from the initial stage. With a simple "click and drag" it is possible to produce tables and graphs for the selected variables by checking, for example, that the stratification constraints established ex ante do not affect the representativeness of the ex post variables. 

Limetable can produce a report with the following indexes:

  •  outcomes of the calls: successful interviews, refusals, number of vacancies, employed, etc ...
  •  history report: call history by contact;
  • calculation of the response rate: measurement of the distance from the objective by monitoring the interviews carried out, the names not yet used (Unused) and the number of appointments taken and the contacts to be called, classified as Free, Busy, or Secretariat;
  •  estimate of possible interviews with the names still available;
  •  coverage and available names for each individual share;
  •  details on the number of worked hours.

Want to better understand the usefulness of this application and find out how it works?