Call center interviewers - Job offer

What work do we offer

The job is to lead telephone interviews from home using our online platform, which you can connect to from your computer. During your work shift you will be followed by a supervisor who will help you and check the work done.

2 work shifts are available (Italian time):
Afternoon: 13: 30 - 17:00
Evening: 17: 00 - 21:00

For operators subsequently authorized to operate on companies, a morning shift will also be available lasting 9,00-12,30


To start being an interviewer / interviewer for Demetra Srl the following technical requirements are necessary:

  • Having a PC and ADSL Internet connection (fast)
  • Have the browser installed Google Chrome installed on your PC
  • To be in possession of USB headphones with microphone. This requirement is not necessary if you have a notebook and a USB microphone, and if you work in an environment free of noise that could disturb the conversation.

It is also necessary to speak Italian at C1 level according to the CEFR classification

How to start working with us?

In order to become one of our interviewers, you must first register on our system and create your own personal account with which to work.

When you have registered, by filling out the registration form, you will receive an email with the credentials (login and password) to access our system.
Keep them!

Before starting work you will have to pass an initial assessment test to demonstrate that you meet the technical and personal requirements mentioned above.

One of our supervisors will evaluate the outcome and contact you to inform you of the outcome and whether or not you passed the test.

If you pass the test you will receive all the information necessary to start collaborating with us.


Our interviewers work from homea PC and a couple of USB headphones with microphone, using the our Call Center software and can reside in any country.

What is the evaluation test?

The evaluation test lasts approximately 15-20 minutes and consists of:

  1. Oral presentation of at least 1 minute;
  2. Reading aloud of a text in Italian;
  3. Make an oral summary of a text;
  4. Write the short summary of an audio recording;
  5. Connection verification;

To apply, you will need to complete all these tests. You will be contacted when you have completed all the tests.
The test must be done by PC.

Our Interviewers say about us ...

Positive aspects of working with us

Other aspects mentioned by our interviewers ...
  • Possibility of adapting the work to other daily activities;
  • The working hours and the mobility sectors, ie the possibility of do the job anywhere;
  • It is a stimulating activity with the convenience of being able to play from home, at home;
  • Flexibility of hours in the sense that I can choose which days and shifts I can do;
  • The good thing is that someone always follows you if you have problems;
  • La flexibility of working days, the possibility of working from the comfort of home;
  • Possibility to choose times, seriousness and accuracy in paymentsi;
  • The availability and help of supervisors and training is excellent;
  • Fairness, and it's not a boring job like others, like sales or anything else you have to say or do the same things every day, far from it;
  • Compared to other inbound or outbound jobs stress is practically zero;
  • Ability to choose how much and when to work;
  • Secure payment, Work from home without wasting time and money on transportation, Possibility to choose work shifts, Learning new things by doing interviews, Moving around and being able to work, Working with professional people;

Fill out this form and take the evaluation test to apply

IMPORTANT: For Italian citizens living abroad it is necessary to have tax residence abroad.

You will not be contacted before completing the initial assessment test!

If you have problems, do not hesitate to contact us by writing an email to