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If you voted today, which candidate would you vote for?

Election polling chart

Election polls for candidates for mayor in Italian municipalities: evaluate your quota of voters and the approval of the political proposal.

Demetra Opinions.net is an independent statistical survey company specializing in data collection with CATI and CAWI methodologies, active since 1992, which provides field survey services for the major Italian study centers and universities.

We provide our surveys to the most important Italian study centers.

The polls are polls to photograph the state of the art, indicate the potential consensus around the figure of the candidate, the opinion about some aspects of the political proposal and the indication of priorities by the electorate.

In this regard, a questionnaire is designed that contains simple questions on concrete topics. All to get a clear picture on the most relevant issues, even months after the elections.

The survey

Realization of a survey to verify:

  1. Electorate share available to vote for the mayoral candidate
  2. Evaluation of the satisfaction of the mayor's campaign with the population

The survey is carried out using CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) methodology. 500 questionnaires are administered and then the data collected via telephone is integrated with surveys on social networks. This is so because it is possible to intercept the opinions of age groups not easily reachable with fixed telephony.

Furthermore, to further increase the representativeness of the collected data, integration will be carried out with the administration of questionnaires via mobile telephony. This will be done through the use of a database of mobile phone numbers randomly generated with the RDD (Random Digit Dialing) system and verified with an automatic validation system and with the use of a geo-referenced and profiled online panel for gender, age and educational qualification. Because the combined use of these methodologies (based on CATI) is able to guarantee our sample representativeness with respect to the reference universe. In fact, the estimated margin of error is +/- 5%.

The service includes:

  • Drafting and computerization of the questionnaire
  • Sampling
  • Administration of questionnaires
  • Data processing
  • Drafting of a brief summary report with graphs and tables

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