Quantitative surveys and market research have been our specialty since 1992

We are a survey and market research company that has been offering telephone surveys and services for data
collection to research centers and universities, for which we have developed specific and dedicated
operational methodologies. We mainly carry out CATI, CAMI, CAWI and Mixed-Mode fieldwork
activities for quantitative research on Online Panels and Social Media.
In short, we are experts in data collection for market research.

Quantitative surveys and market research have been our specialty since 1992

We are a survey and market research company that has been offering telephone surveys and data collection services to study centers and universities for over twenty years, for which we have developed specific and dedicated operating methodologies. We mainly carry out fieldwork activities for quantitative investigations with the CATI, CAMI, CAWI, Mixed-Mode, on Online Panels and Social Media. In short, we are experts in data collection for market research.

Our specialization

Investigations and market research CATI


200+ projects carried out with more than 175.000 interviews in 2020

  • 70+ interviewers
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Mixed-Mode
  • Stratified Sampling
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Operator Training, Monitoring and Supervision
CAWI market research and surveys


150+ projects carried out with more than 130.000 interviews in Italy
50+ multicountry projects with more than 45.000 interviews in 2020

  • Ad Hoc Questionnaire Scripting
  • Hosting
  • Integration with Limesurvey
  • Massive Email Submission
  • Invitation via SMS
  • Online Panels
Surveys and searches on social media


20+ projects carried out with more than 10.000+ compilations in the 2020

  • Difficult (niche) target reach
  • Collection of interviews on restricted areas (province, municipality, city, area, etc.)

Our Standard Service

We offer you a data collection service (fieldwork CATI, CAMI, CAWI) from the computerization phase of the questionnaire scripting and putting it online, to the delivery of the raw, weighed and processed data file (tables and frequencies). To do this, we interact with you at every stage of the project in order to always stay in line with your research objectives.

Receiving the Questionnaire and Sample

To get started, send us your questionnaire in the
format you prefer and the sample structure

Questionnaire Setup

When we receive the questionnaire, we script it,
then we set it up online and provide you the link


Before launching the field, we do a pilot test of
20–50 interviews and deliver them to you for inspection


After the approval of the questionnaire, we begin data collection with the agreed methodology

Dataset delivery

Finally, we send you the file with the weighted data
and the frequency tables in your preferred format

Need help with data collection for your quantitative research project?
Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

News & Methodology

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The effect on the response rate of web surveys How does the inclusion of the first question of the questionnaire in the survey invitation email in web surveys (CAWI) affect the response rate? Low rates ...

Selection Bias and Representation of Research Samples

The effectiveness of Mixing Modes and Sampling Frames Background and research questions Nowadays mixed-mode approaches are used to tackle the problem of non-coverage and the non-response error in ...

How to identify cheaters in polls

Relevance and Object of Research Online surveys are self-managed by respondents seeking to receive incentives to complete questionnaires. Some of the respondents use minimal cognitive effort to complete quickly ...

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If you voted today, which candidate would you vote for? Election polls for candidates for mayor in Italian municipalities: evaluate your quota of voters and the approval of the political proposal. Demetra Opinions.net is ...

Motivated Misreporting in Web Panels

The article of which we offer a summary investigates the phenomenon of motivated misreporting in a web panel. Motivated misreporting is the mechanism by which respondents to a survey provide wrong or wrong answers ...

Predicting the Response Rates of a Survey from the type of Presentation Made by the Interviewers

 How does the behavior of a CATI operator at the beginning of a call influence the response rate of the respondents? The article we are considering today analyzes part of the Wisconsin Longitudinal data ...

Why do the surveys decline? Analysis at historical and individual level

Response rate in recent years Previous years have represented a "golden age" for opinion polls. People were generally more likely to respond to the proposed questionnaires and response rates ...

Multilingual CATI Center: a Response to the Globalization of Research

Internationalization of the markets It is by now an acquired notion that market researches are fundamental moments of a productive activity. The continuous increase in competitiveness on international scenarios produces a demand for data and analysis ...

How to Make an Effective and Truthful Questionnaire?

The Survey The following study analyzes the truthfulness and consistency of the data entered in the questionnaires. A total of 496 questions are analyzed in the study. The information and data from the following study were ...

Use bonus monetary incentives to encourage the web option in mixed-mode domestic surveys

It is well documented that respondents to a survey prefer the paper-based response to the web, while the latter is the preferred method for investigators. The advantages of the web include costs ...

Effects of non-response and modality in self-administered surveys and with interviewers

For many decades the face-to-face interview (FTF) was the norm. In the 70 years, the FTF interview gave way to the telephone interview, which at the time provided adequate coverage and a substantial reduction in ...

Comparison of the estimated quality in mixed-mode and unimode investigations: a European Social Survey experiment

The use of a mixed-mode approach is theoretically quite interesting. Not only does it address the problem of non-coverage, but it is also a way of trying to increase response rates. Following ...

Demetra opinioni.net launches the Cawi.it service dedicated to online data collection

For some years the main phenomenon witnessing in the world of statistical surveys is the progressive increase in online surveys in a changed scenario of field techniques. The traditional predominance of ...

Theory and practice in non-probabilistic surveys - 2

Current practices for managing bias in non-probabilistic online surveys RECRUITMENT The most common form of recruitment is to invite people to join the panels. The panels offer the opportunity to collect a large ...

Theory and practice in non-probabilistic surveys - 1

INTRODUCTION In recent years the use of non-probabilistic surveys has grown, due to lower costs and higher response rates. However, in this type of polls there is a self-selection of the respondents, ...

Is there a future for investigations?

For decades, sample surveys have provided valuable information in various domains. To survive, they must keep their advantages. A first advantage is that the surveys collect information that is generalizable by the sample ...

Quality Data Comparison of Non-Probabilistic and Probabilistic Low-Frequency Internet Response Samples

Some survey researchers argue that telephone polls are "dead" and should be replaced with non-probabilistic samples from online panels. We have seen a decline in response rates in recent years ...

Evaluation of the Effects on Data Quality Mode in Mixed-Mode Surveys

In order to investigate the advantage of probing in mixed mode (MM), it is necessary to evaluate the effects of selection between the modes. The selection effects refer to the differences in the compositive compositions on the variables ...

Probably not probabilistic, this is not the problem!

In this special issue of the 2017 of POQ (Public Opinion Quarterrly) the discussion on the quality of the investigations continues. In the introduction to this volume the question is asked about the effectiveness of the surveys with Response Rate (RR) ...

Overlapping or not overlapping in dual frame surveys?

The last wave (2014) of the CATI / CAMI Health Barometer survey is considered, conducted among the French population among the 15 and the 75 years. The survey deals with health issues (health status, consumption of ...

Summary of research on the interviewer effect

Human resources during job interview businessman in office. It is noted that the ideal design (Fully interpenetrated) foresees the assignment of the sampled individuals in a totally random manner to the interviewers. It is difficult to implement, more often ...

The effect of fashion in questions

Consider the CAHPS survey (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems), which provides for the distribution of the questionnaire to the former patients of a representative sample of 45 US hospitals. The questions are formulated on a scale ...

How to identify unreliable questions in the questionnaires?

There are different methods for assessing the reliability of questionnaires. These methods can be divided between inexpensive ex-ante methods that require desk work, methods that can be applied in ...